Does Church History Have to be Boring?

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Glaucia the Greek Slave Glaucia the Greek Slave
By Emma Leslie

After the death of her father, Glaucia is sold to a wealthy Roman family to pay his debts. She tries hard to adjust to her new life but longs to find a God who can love even a slave. Meanwhile, her brother, Laon, struggles to find her and to earn enough money to buy her freedom. But what is the mystery that surrounds their mother’s disappearance years earlier and will they ever be able to read the message in the parchments she left for them?

Story Setting: Athens in 59 - 64 A.D.
Originally published in 1874; 270 pages; For Ages 10 – Adult

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What other homeschoolers are saying about
Glaucia the Greek Slave

    "I had decided that I would read [Glaucia] and then 'make' my children read the book too, but when I finished it, my response was different. 'Hey, guys! This book is awesome!' After telling everyone about the book, they all wanted to read it too!"  –  Meredith C., homeschooling mother from Florida

    "This book really captured our attention and our hearts with it's history of the early church."  –  Gina M., mom to 2 girls, 8 and 10

    "I absolutely loved this book... The story was powerful and I will be ordering more books from Salem Ridge Press by this author."  –  E.M., mother to 3, Seeking His Heart blog

    "[Glaucia] pours forth a beautiful story of two devoted siblings, and brings to life the early Christian church and its followers. Written in a "King James" style, the flow takes a while, but whence thou getteth the hang of it, it is lovely! ... This is fine literature..."  –  Kathy D.,

    ""I haven’t had an opportunity to do more than skim through the pages because [Glaucia] keeps passing from hand to hand. It’s a very popular title at our house!"  –  Jean H. homeschool mom from Oregon

    "I appreciate the historical notes, timelines and word definitions that are included in this series... My 11-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to acquiring more from this series."  –  Heidi P., Chatter, Clatter and Things That Matter blog

    "I understand better now what it must have been like to hear Paul’s extraordinary message of a loving God after having been raised in a world where everything you do has some significance in the realm of Greek and Roman worship of the gods."  –  Kristen G., Texas

    ""We really enjoyed reading of this slave girl's journey to spiritual freedom! My girls were captivated while listening to this historical book unfolding."  –  Hollie, mother of 9

    "Salem Ridge Press has solved a big problem for me in a unique way! I have always hesitated to teach my children ancient Greek/Roman mythology and philosophy due to their pagan roots. However, Greek & Roman mythology still has undeniable impact on modern society in the areas of language, industry, arts and culture. Enter Salem Ridge Press and their Emma Leslie Church History Series- particularly the first book in the series [Glaucia]. This book paints a clear picture of a culture where every event, large or small, is tied to the worship of a god or goddess, yet it also incorporates the introduction of the one true God."  –  Susan F., Abiding in the Tree of Life blog

    "I had a hard time putting down "Glaucia the Greek Slave" as it was history which I never heard in the high school and college courses I took."  –  Kimberly K., leader for church homeschool group

    "I am so glad that I received [Glaucia] to review as it has renewed my faith in Christ reading of how the Early Christians suffered for the sake of Christ. It makes everything of this world seem of such little value compared to all that Christ has to offer."  –  Lady Rachel, 15-year-old columnist at Growing in Grace Magazine Online

    "Glaucia the Greek Slave was originally published in 1874, but it brings the message of God's redemption through Jesus Christ that is just as relevant now as it was then!"  –  Michelle L., mom to 2 in North Carolina

    "I enjoyed this book so much that I started it on a Thursday and then stayed up until 2am Friday night to finish it."  –  Cindy, Fenced in Family blog

    "I cannot say enough good things about this book, and hope little by little to add this entire series to our home library.  –  Christy L., mother of three

    "WOW.. I could not put this down for the life of me.. MOM loved it.. this is a fantastic book… excellent quality, and wonderful deep messages that would inspire hours of conversation on beliefs, faith, theology, etc… it was a true joy to read…"  –  Shannon R., homeschooling mother from Canada