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Younger Readers / Mary Jane - Her Book

Mary Jane - Her Book
Mary Jane - Her Book

by Clara Ingram Judson

Illustrated by
Frances White

Read the First Chapter!
(Requires Adobe Reader)

Story Synopsis
   This story, the first book in the Mary Jane series, recounts the happy, wholesome adventures of five-year-old Mary Jane and her family as she helps her mother around the house, goes on a picnic with the big girls, plants a garden with her father, learns to sew and more!

Originally published in 1918; 183 pages; For Ages 6 - 10

Clara Ingram Judson (1879-1960), was a popular American childrens' author who wrote over seventy books.

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   "[Mary Jane - Her Book] is a charming and simple tale all about the activities of five year old Mary Jane... My girls especially liked listening to her sweet stories and laughing at her antics." ~ Jill C.

   "I am reading Mary Jane - Her Book by Clara Ingram Judson with my nine year old daughter. She loves the stories and always begs "for just one more"... it is wonderful to find books that affirm wholesome values and allow little girls to just be little girls." ~ Marya, mom of 4 from Florida

   "My oldest [grade 1] absolutely loves the Mary Jane book. She begs me to read it and after I have finished a chapter, I'll set the book down, and she will bring it back to me and ask me to read more. That rarely happens, folks... You'll find cute stories and mishaps and simplicity that captures the attention of young children." ~ Kelly at Wisdom's Begun blog

   "[Mary Jane - Her Book] is a wonderfully warm and cheery story, great for all ages." ~ Beth C., homeschooling mom of 6 in PA

   "I gave this book immediately to my 10 year old and she devoured it in just a matter of days... She brought her book to church and lent it to one of her girl friends. As it turns out, this friend had two other sisters and they enjoyed it so much that they took turns reading it. She has since reread this book two more times." ~ Michelle P., mom in the Philippines

   "[My girls, ages 8 and 6] read this book to each other each night before bedtime and I could hear them giggling at the stories." ~ Jolanthe, Homeschool Creations blog

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