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Historical Fiction / Church History / Soldier Fritz

Emma Leslie Junior Church History Series

Soldier Fritz
Soldier Fritz and
the Enemies He Fought

A Story of the Reformation

by Emma Leslie

Illustrated by C. A. Ferrier

Read the First Chapter!
(Requires Adobe Reader)

Story Synopsis

   Young Fritz wants to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther and be a soldier for the Lord, so he chooses a Bible from the peddler's pack as his birthday gift. When his father, the Count, goes off to war, however, Fritz and his mother and little sister are forced to flee into the forest to escape being thrown in prison for their new faith. Disguising themselves as commoners, they must trust the Lord as they wait and hope for the Count to rescue them. But how will he ever be able to find them?

Story Setting:  Germany in 1525 - 1526
Notable People and Events:  Martin Luther, German Reformation
Originally published in 1871; 137 pages; For Ages 8 - Adult

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   "Thank you so much for the book, Soldier Fritz. It was one of the best books I've read. I like how the author portrays Fritz as a young man battling his pride and his ignorance." ~ Jeremy, age 11

   "I absolutely loved this book because it spoke about the truths in our church history. It told the story of "Soldiers for Christ" who went before us. This book is packed FULL of Biblical truth... The Countess is such a model for sound biblical encouragement to her son, Fritz. She is dependent on the Lord, encouraging to her family with God's Word, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading. Her Godly counsel is very powerful - it will MOVE YOUR SPIRIT and spur you on to take a stand for truth in your own life." ~ M.H., Ohio

   "This book is very well written, and I personally enjoyed reading it very much!... I look forward to sharing it with my girls when they are a bit older..." ~ Erin, mom to two girls, ages 6 and 4

   "This was a wonderful book to introduce Martin Luther and the Reformation, but it also is one that will help children with their own battle against their sin natures." ~ Trish, Colorado

   "What a new concept it was for my children that having the scriptures in your home to read was something that did not used to be available. That purchase leads Fritz's family to discover anew the stories we all take for granted, and the relationship we may have with our Savior... My children identified well with Fritz, who learns to battle his temper and his pride through the course of the story, and really enjoyed this book." ~ Tristan, mother of 6

   "...a very uplifting well-written story about a young man's desire to be a soldier for the Lord...it is worth every penny." ~ Stephanie

   "We could not have received this book at a better time. We are deep in the middle of studying the Reformation and Luther. I chose not to do this as a read aloud but handed it to my son as part of his history reading. I will say that I find it very difficult to find quality books for my son. It did not take him long to jump into Soldier Fritz. I think he has read it twice and I can never find it when I want it back. It always ends up with his stash of books. A wonderful story of character and standing strong in your faith." ~ Sharon B., North Carolina

"Dear Mr. Daniel Mills,

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful blessing
Soldier Fritz was for my family and me. We have an hour trip to church and spend that time singing hymns and reading. Soldier Fritz was the first book my boys wanted to read. I was the only one allowed to read it since I had created all the voices for the characters. They eagerly awaited the reading each Sunday and even packed the book the night before along with their Bibles to make sure it would be available. During the week I would come home to hear them beg me to read another chapter.

We are so thankful for your wholesome books that give us the opportunity to discuss the truths of God while learning the history of those who have gone before us. We also appreciated your commentary and definitions throughout the text. It helped extend our vocabulary and better understand the context of the times.

The only negative is that it quickly came to an end ... but that is when we picked up the next book in your wonderful series.

For His Kingdom,
Michael J. Metarko"

Emma Leslie (1837-1909), whose actual name was Emma Dixon, was a prolific Victorian children's author who wrote over 100 books. Emma Leslie brought a strong Christian emphasis into her writing and many of her books were originally published by the Religious Tract Society.

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