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Historical Fiction / American History / The White Seneca

The White Seneca
The White Seneca

by William W. Canfield

Illustrated by G. A. Harker

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Story Synopsis
   Captured by the Senecas, fifteen-year-old Henry Cochrane grows to love the Indian ways and becomes Dundiswa-the White Seneca. When Henry is captured by an enemy tribe, however, he must make a desperate attempt to escape from them and rescue fellow captive, Constance Leonard. He will need all the skills he has learned from the Indians, as well as great courage and determination, if he is to succeed. But what will happen to the young woman if they do reach safety? And will he ever be able to return to his own people?

Story Setting:  Colonial America in 1774 - 1778
Originally published in 1911; 286 pages; For Ages 12 - Adult

William W. Canfield (1854-1937), served as city editor and then editor of the Utica Observer-Dispatch of Utica, NY, for over 45 years. Prior to writing The White Seneca and its sequel, At Seneca Castle, he compiled a collection of Iroquois legends and wrote several other books.

Also by William W. Canfield:

At Seneca Castle
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   "Without a doubt, some of the most riveting books I've read to my children in the past months have been The White Seneca and At Seneca Castle..." ~ Lisa Kjeldgaard, M.S., The Old Schoolhouse Magazine  Read the full review

   "...my 15 year old began reading the book titled The White Seneca. I had trouble getting her to put the book down. I decided rather quickly that this company indeed knew how to pick quality books. It is a great story regarding the Seneca Indians and it now has become one of my daughter's favorites." ~ Crystal W.

   "What an adventure The White Seneca took us on! [My daughter] and I got ourselves into a lot of trouble reading it. We couldn't put it down some nights and stayed up late on several occasions wanting to read just one more chapter. No, it wasn't just [her] begging for more, I was desperate to know what happened next as well." ~ Julie K., mother of four

   "The White Seneca is riveting and exciting. I didn't want to put it down. Mr. Canfield's dedication to accurately portraying the Indians and settlers is remarkable. He was fair and unbiased in his descriptions of both, which made this story unique. The reader is given the opportunity to see into the life of the Indians and learn to have an appreciation for them and their ways." ~ Mona Lisa, Happily Homeschooling blog

   "The White Seneca by William W. Canfield is a must read for anyone studying the American Revolutionary time period of history... Themes of honor, courage, family devotion, loyalty, and patriotism are artfully woven throughout the story...I began reading the novel aloud during a car ride with my family. My husband enjoyed it so much that he requested I continue reading aloud the entire trip and the next day as well." ~ Regina, mom of 6

   "To be honest I wasn't prepared to like [The White Seneca] ... I was pleasantly surprised! I became so interested in the characters and the story that I stayed up until 3 am to finish. It has been a LONG time since I stayed up to do any pleasure reading... I highly recommend this book!" ~ D. A.

   "My son (17) loved [The White Seneca], and can't wait until he can read the second book." ~ Annmarie

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