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Historical Fiction / Church History / What is the Emma Leslie Church History Series?

What is the Emma Leslie Church History Series?

This historical fiction series, first published in the late 1800s, is now being republished by Salem Ridge Press for a new generation of readers. Thus far, twelve titles have been republished, spanning from the time of Paul to the eve of the Reformation, and Lord willing, the series will eventually include another twelve titles, covering from the time of the Reformation up through the Methodist Revivals of the 1800s.

Series Features

God-honoring - Historical fiction based on real historical events and circumstances is an effective way to communicate the incredible work of God in His Church and the world.

Inspirational - The reader is challenged to follow the example of those who seek to spread the Gospel against great resistance and those who are faithful to Him in very difficult circumstances.

Edifying - Highlighting the key issues facing the Church in each time period helps to strengthen and prepare the reader to face the issues of our day, which are not so very different.

Reformed perspective - Throughout the series the characters learn to look to the Word of God as their only guide rather than relying on the traditions of men.

Appeals to both sons and daughters These stories include both male and female main characters, often a brother and sister, sometimes a husband and wife, or a parent and child.

Added Content

Historical Notes - We have added brief notes about the real historical events and people contained in these fictional stories, to help the reader better understand the true history surrounding the story.

Timelines - We have also included timelines in a number of the titles, providing the reader with an overview of the historical setting of the story.

Word Definitions - We have defined words that may be unfamiliar to the modern reader at the bottom of the page where the word first appears.

Maps - We have also created maps for many of the titles in the series, so that the reader can easily see the real locations where the story takes place.

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