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Adventure / Yussuf the Guide

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Yussuf the Guide
Yussuf the Guide
Being the Strange Story
of the Travels in Asia Minor
of Burne the Lawyer,
Preston the Professor,
and Lawrence the Sick

by George Manville Fenn

Illustrated by John Schonberg

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(Requires Adobe Reader)

Story Synopsis
   Young Lawrence, an invalid, convinces his guardians, Preston the Professor and Burne the Lawyer, to take him along on an archaeological expedition to Turkey. Before they set out, they engage Yussuf as their guide. Through the months that follow, the friends travel deeper and deeper into the remote regions of central Turkey on their trusty horses in search of ancient ruins. Yussuf proves his worth time and time again as they face dangers from a murderous ship captain, poisonous snakes, sheer precipices, bands of robbers and more. Memorable characters, humor and adventure abound in this exciting story!

Originally published in 1887; 399 pages; For Ages 12 – Adult

George Manville Fenn (1831-1909), was a popular English boys' author in the late 1800's. In addition to writing over 100 fictional stories, including some historical fiction, George Manville Fenn worked as an editor, a publisher and a journalist.

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   "Yussuf the Guide is a tale full of adventure and humor... There is plenty of excitement (and more than a few chuckles) along the way. A fun read any time." ~ Kimberly K., South Carolina

   "This is the story my children picked for us to read aloud. And we have loved it. Ancient ruins? That got the attention of my budding archaeologist. An absent-minded professor? He became a favorite character from the instant he was mentioned. Robbers, snakes, evil captains? Yeah, that kept the attention of my boys. We thoroughly enjoyed this book." ~ Deborah B., mother of five

   "I first got to share Yussuf the Guide with my youngest son [14] and we thoroughly enjoyed travelling along as young Lawrence and his guardians travel on an archaeological expedition to Turkey.... Your kids won't be able to put it down." ~ Julie H., homeschool mom

   "This is a delightful book. Once you are used to the old-fashioned language and get through the background material of the first twenty pages or so, you find the characters in Turkey outfitting for the expedition, and then the adventures begin." ~ Nancy Wagner, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine  Read the full review

   "I'm very glad you now have Yussuf the Guide in PB...my boys really liked this one." ~ Joelle Grubb

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